Hi Shen,

Good luck with your presentation. Here is a picture of Elif&Buket in Group 5. Elif is the one with glasses. The picture was taken on the day when the teams from Azerbaijan and Russia came to Kocaeli:)

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The Taiwanese Local Cuisine I Would Like to Recommend By Mark-ya

 May 10th,2011

Dear Hande, Tayfun, and Uğur,

     Hello! Today, we discussed Taiwanese local foods with you.

     Speaking local foods, My favorite is chicken feet, what is chicken feet? How can do it? In fact, very simple the first you must be prepared clean chick feet. The second prepared halogen packaged and pot syrup finally take all more put into together and put raw sugar open the fire use boiling water cook about twenty to thirty minutes.

(www.easy.sina.com.tw )

     The chicken feet taste salty and flexible when you bite it the chicken feet emit thick incense in your mouth.

Sounds attactive, isn’t it? Welcome to Taiwan and to eat the delicious chicken feet.

By Çağla ( By Mark-ya 73630019 葉政坤 Group 8 )

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Festivals We Have in Taiwan by Mark-ya

May 10th,2011

Dear Hande, Tayfun, and Uğur,

     Hi! Today I will introduction important festival in Taiwanit ghost festival. The ghost festival is have a legend it is said every lunar calendar had a king of ghosts will open the ghost door for Taiwanese go home and look family a months after the door was closed the ghosts will go back.


     You can see a lot of people take hong and hands co up this is Taiwanese to good brothers say hello way.


     The ghost festival significance is reverence for his ancestors and filial piety parents.

Best Wish,

By Çağla ( By Mark-ya 73630019 葉政坤 Group 8 )

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Dear Osman Akkuş, Ayla Tepeci and Ayla Tepeci İlayda Temizyürek,

May 10th 2011

I ask Mars what local food is the best in Taiwan ?

He recommend me Huge-sized Chicken Cutlet.

He say it is one of the most popular street food in Taiwan. Taiwanese fried chicken is soaked in special sauce before frying. I feel it very special.

It is 1.5 times larger than the regular fried chicken. Perhaps bigger than your face. It’s mixed with spicy pepper and aromatic herbals, and the meat quality is tender and juicy. In the night market you can see a lot of vendors sell it.

If you want to know how to prepare the food,I tell you.

First, prepare the marinated chicken. Second clip the chicken in the flour and fry. Finally when the surface of the chicken turns gold, you can serve it, and enjoy the delicacy.

You must come to Taiwan to try local snacks in Taiwan, because there is not only Huge-sized Chicken Cutlet but also Pearl milk tea.

I hope you can really taste our food

Do you have any question about Huge-sized Chicken Cutlet?

Best Wish

Photo from:(http://hk.myblog.yahoo.com/jolovam/article?mid=4129)

By.Tayfun(Group 3 By Mars Ma 763060 馬振銘)

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                       Dear Hande Us, Tayfun Murat Çoban, and Uğur Sinan Eren,

My favorite drink is pearl milk tea. 

It was invented by taiwanese so it’s hard to buy in other countries.

The pearl taste chewy and looks like beautiful black pearl. 

It mix with milk tea and it’s taste absolutely amazing.

I can’t forget the sweet smell.

now not only one flavor but also a variety of flavor. Chocolate for examp.

Ii’s very creativity isn’t it? hope you have a opportunity to try it.  

                                                                    By Çağla ( By Handsome Li 73630005李易庭Group 8 )

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Turnip Juice by Buket

Hi! I want to tell turnip juice. Turnip juice is red-colored, fuzzy, sour and delicious.It is appetizing and useful for stomach and liver.

Turnip juice is recommended with Dry Beans and rice,kebabs,meatballs and fish dishes. Turnip juice is common in the Çukurova region.

All the best,

By Nicholas                         (Buket)

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I had a lot of adventures!

Hi everyone,

How are you doing? I am having great time.

You know that Huri and her students hosted some teachers and students from Azerbaijan and Russia. It was a fabulous event. There were a lot of enjoyable activities. They took me everywhere they went. I made new friends from Azerbaijan and Russia.

  Berna(Huri’s student)- Seymur & Xoshbext(from Azerbaijan)

 We visited Eren’s school, too. You can see me, Eren, his classmates, Valerya(the girl in green), Anna(next to Valerya) and Olga from Russia and Serem.

 You can see the team from Azerbaijan and Olga from Russia. I was so excited to meet them.

                            I am with Çağla and Ekrem:)

I will tell you more about my adventures here. Wait and see.

Miss you,

By Nicholas

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