Dear Osman Akkuş, Ayla Tepeci and Ayla Tepeci İlayda Temizyürek,

May 10th 2011

I ask Mars what local food is the best in Taiwan ?

He recommend me Huge-sized Chicken Cutlet.

He say it is one of the most popular street food in Taiwan. Taiwanese fried chicken is soaked in special sauce before frying. I feel it very special.

It is 1.5 times larger than the regular fried chicken. Perhaps bigger than your face. It’s mixed with spicy pepper and aromatic herbals, and the meat quality is tender and juicy. In the night market you can see a lot of vendors sell it.

If you want to know how to prepare the food,I tell you.

First, prepare the marinated chicken. Second clip the chicken in the flour and fry. Finally when the surface of the chicken turns gold, you can serve it, and enjoy the delicacy.

You must come to Taiwan to try local snacks in Taiwan, because there is not only Huge-sized Chicken Cutlet but also Pearl milk tea.

I hope you can really taste our food

Do you have any question about Huge-sized Chicken Cutlet?

Best Wish

Photo from:(

By.Tayfun(Group 3 By Mars Ma 763060 馬振銘)

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  1. Osman says:

    ahahah it’s so interesting.. if it’s bigger than our face, i cant imagine it..i wish to try it..)))

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